Who’s Got The Power?


The essential building block to the Clear Power™ solution. The FUZE™ Case integrates seamlessly with the FUZE™ Cabinet and Cart. Give your devices personality by utilizing our custom branding options! Emboss your school or organization’s insignia and choose your colors on each device.

The FUZE™ Case also serves as a protective shield for your device, equipped with a port on the back so you can charge with a magnetic cable from home when Power by Contact© charging is unavailable.

FUZE Cabinet

Safe, organized, and reliable. The FUZE™ Cabinet will be the perfect home base for all devices in a workspace or classroom, storing up to 15 devices at once and charging at full wire speed without any cords!


A portable and powerful charging solution. The FUZE™ Cart allows you to seamlessly move a collection of devices from one workspace to another. Storing up to 30 devices at a time, the FUZE™ Cart provides the perfect blend of power and organization.

The FUZE™ Cabinet and Cart means that teachers can cross off “device manger” from their endless to-do list.


Say goodbye to port fatigue with the FUZE™ Pad! By not having to plug your devices in with cords, your devices’ health will last much longer. Get the perfect charge, every time with our PbC or Power by Contact© smart charging. Once your device has a fully charged battery, the charging shuts off.

Need something portable? Add the FUZE™ Pad XL to your classroom or workplace to get the maximum amount of space for all of your smart charging needs.

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